Losing belly fat is one of the most FRUSTRATING tasks you can ever embark on – especially if you don’t have the right knowledge on how to go about it.

And now that you are reading this, I know that you have probably tried out every program out there but  have still ended up DISAPPOINTED. Can your frustrations end today thanks to this new system called the “Lean Belly Breakthrough” by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick?

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But even before I get to my Lean Belly Breakthrough review and some of its benefits, it is IMPORTANT that you understand what belly fat is and what causes it…

What Causes Belly Fat?

Belly fat is basically visceral fat that normally accumulates in the waist region of the body. And like any other form of fat in the body, it normally takes quite some time to develop and also to get rid of. But what exactly causes it?

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol might be your favorite past time activity to engage in, but it is also your worst enemy when it comes to belly fat. Immediately you consume it, it diminishes your body’s ability to burn any fat that you have been consuming throughout the day. Your body then responds to this effects by storing large amounts of this fat around your belly.

Living A Sedentary Lifestyle

If you are in the habit of living your life with minimal engagement in physical activity then you need to stop. Exercise or an active lifestyle has a way of increasing your metabolism by a great degree. Something that will go a long way in helping your body when it comes to burning fat. Therefore, failure to factor in physical activity in your daily life might be what is causing you that annoying belly fat.

Diets Low in Protein

To avoid belly fat, foods rich in protein need be served in generous portions in your meals. Actually, research shows that protein has a way of improving an individual’s metabolism by a great margin which helps with the burning of excess fat in the body. Protein also has a way of making you feel full since it is digested slowly. This will automatically prevent you from consuming more than you need which usually ends up being stored as fat.

Massive Consumption of Sugary Foods

Sugary foods like cakes, candies, and sodas are your biggest enemy when it comes to fighting belly fat. Most of these foods are usually high energy foods and when consumed in large amounts cause the body to store some of the excess energy as fat in the fat deposit areas around the belly.

Why Is Belly Fat Bad For You?

Over the years, research has been able to show that belly fat is not just unsightly to look at but it is also bad for your health and has far reaching consequences than you can ever imagine. The key reason being that the visceral fat in your belly region is continuously producing toxins which it then releases into your system. You must be wondering what are some of the side effects of these toxins, right? here are some;

1) Type 2 Diabetes

It’s definitely time you got rid of your belly fat if you don’t want to spend your life battling type 2 diabetes. This is because belly fat causes your body to develop insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that is very vital for breaking glucose to balance the sugar levels in the body. If the body develops resistance to it you will develop high sugar levels in your body and that is exactly what leads to type 2 diabetes.

2) Development of Cancerous Cells

Once belly fat has accumulated in your body to high levels it has the potential to activate cancerous cells. Recent research directly ties cancers that affect the kidney, colon, and pancreas to large deposits of belly fat. And not only that, belly fat normally interferes with crucial hormones in your body preventing them from functioning normally.

3) High Blood Pressure

Considered one of the world’s most fatal killers, high blood pressure, can also be attributed to belly fat. This is because belly fat will move fast to lower the amount good cholesterol in your body while boosting bad cholesterol levels in the blood system leaving your body clogged with bad cholesterol which normally blocks the natural flow of blood in your arteries. Over time, this will lead to high blood pressure which eventually weakens the blood arteries ending in either a heart attack, stroke or heart failure.

Now that you know the dangers of belly fat that is not dealt with, you are probably wondering whether there is a credible solution that can help you get rid of your belly fat. Well, there is, and it is called the Lean Belly Breakthrough!

My Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

lean belly breakthrough ecover

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a belly fat weight loss program that is a collaborative effort between Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick.

While Bruce Krahn is a well-known fitness trainer with over fifty years’ experience spent guiding his clients through their fitness goals, Dr. Heinrick is a health practitioner with credible experience in helping individuals with weight problems through proven weight loss programs.

Product Name: Lean Belly Breakthrough

Creators: Bruce Kahn & Dr. Heinrick

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Now you might want to keep reading through because Lean Belly Breakthrough is not your average weight loss program that will PROMISE you heaven but OFFER you nothing close to it.

Several people have tried it to great success and most importantly, it uses proven techniques that you can apply to reduce your belly fat by over 10% in just the first two weeks after you start using it.

I can assure you it does not use those unreasonable gimmicks normally proposed by some of those scam weight loss programs that will not only starve you but also lead you to engage in very strenuous exercises.

Instead, the program will help you to cut a considerable amount of weight by teaching you several simple body movements that you can do with minimal effort. In addition to that, it guides you through natural foods that you need to eat for you to cut as much as 1 pound of body fat around the waist region every single day.

What’s Inside The Lean Belly Breakthrough Program

The program is carefully designed to be as diverse as possible and so included in it is a well thought out package that will cover all your areas of need and so much more.

Let’s take a look at some of what is included in the Lean Belly Breakthrough system:

#1. Belly Fat Melting Ritual

The Lean Belly Breakthrough program comes with a 2 minute belly fat burning ritual that will ensure you lose as much as 7 pounds of belly fat in as little as three days.

The ritual comes with very clear directions that are so easy to follow through.

The end result for you will be a refreshing hormonal balance that will go a long way in boosting your libido and giving you a vibrant skin tone while eliminating the threat of Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

#2. A Fat Loss Guide

Included in it is also a fat loss guide that will give you vital guidance through your journey to cut belly fat.

This guide comes with sheets that you can use to monitor and record your progress along the way- one of the things that if faithfully followed will deeply motivate you throughout.

And it does not push you towards performing any strenuous exercises.

#3. Diabetes Reversing Recipes

Ever wondered whether it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes using just a simple well thought out recipe?

Well, several diabetes recipes are part of the package that you will get once you purchase the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

Once you consume the meals made from the recipes your insulin levels will be boosted to be able to bring down your blood sugar levels to normal margins.

#4. A List of Fat Burning Herbs and Spices

It has never been a secret that herbs and spices are very vital when it comes to dealing with a wide range of diseases.

As part of the package, the Lean Belly Breakthrough comes with a very rich list of all the herbs and spices that you can use to lower bad cholesterol in your body, unclog your arteries and eliminate your risk of heart diseases through smoothing the flow of blood in your body.

#5. Meal Plans To Boost Metabolism

Low metabolism is a great contributing factor in making the body store large amounts of fat.

But there are certain foods that you can use to effectively boost your metabolism so as to burn this fat fast and efficiently.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough members area has a resource that will recommend you great meals that you can use to achieve just that.

#6. Instructional Videos

If you are one of those people who learns better by watching videos then you are covered too.

The program comes with several instructional videos that will guide you through most of what is covered in the program like the 5 part body movement that is meant to help you cut large amounts of belly fat in record time.

#7. Heart Attack Detection and Prevention Method

Being knowledgeable about a disease is important if you are to not only cure it but also prevent it. The package offers you a comprehensive guide that outlines signs for you to look out for to detect heart attack and ways you can use to prevent it from being a persistent threat to your life.

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The Good

It Does Not Involve Intense Exercise

Most belly fat loss programs in the market today will promise you a lean belly after several intense exercises, not the lean belly breakthrough program.

Actually, the most the program will require you to do are simple five part body movements that require minimal effort. This will save you from not achieving your goals thanks to burnout that comes from intense exercise that can easily push you to give up. You will also be free from injuries that are common with such exercises.

It Won’t Subject You to Restrictive Diets

In the fitness industry today, it is the norm to be subjected to highly restrictive diets for you to achieve your goals. On the contrary, the Lean Belly Breakthrough program only suggests several foods that you can take to help you burn belly fat very efficiently.

No dieting! So you can rest assured that at the end of the day you will not loose muscle tissue crucial for your fat burning efforts due to starvation. Your natural body functions will also not be affected due to nutritional deficiency from restrictive diets.

No Tasteless Foods

Over the years, I have realized if you want to achieve your fitness goals fast and efficiently, make the journey as much fun as possible. The designer of this program also understands this too well and so has developed it to accommodate as many helpful foods as possible which you can work with to achieve your desired results. So if you were worried you would need to eat tasteless things while on it then worry no more.

No Dangerous Supplements

Something else that stands out for me from this program is that it does not subject the users to dangerous supplement intake. Instead, it points you towards several natural foods, spices, and herbs backed by a list of nutrients that you can derive from them to control the hormones in your body that are responsible for storage of fat.

Helps You Identify Heart Problems and Track Your Progress

In my opinion, the Lean Belly Breakthrough acts as your personal doctor. First, in case your belly fat has caused you to develop some heart problems; it will offer you in-depth information on some of the risk factors to look out for. In addition to that, throughout your journey towards losing that belly fat, you get tracking sheets that you can use to monitor your progress as you make some gains.

Reverses The Root Causes of Diseases That Affect You

It’s quite commendable that this program uses a combination of natural foods to reverse most of the damage that has been caused on your body due to unhealthy living. It helps deal with the root of the problem by getting rid of deadly belly fat that is the source of most heart diseases since it plays a big role in clogging your arteries. In the same way, it helps to enhance your insulin levels to solve your diabetes problem quickly. So you shouldn’t expect a recurrence of any of these diseases.

The Bad

It is Meant For a Certain Age Range

One of the things I noticed about this program is that is it mainly focussed on people who are above the age of 35 years whereas belly fat is quite common even in people who are below that age. Otherwise, it is a great program for anyone who is battling belly fat.

It Is Majorly Focussed On Belly Fat

The Program is majorly focussed on losing belly fat and not reducing the overall body fat so if you are looking for a program that will also get rid of your overall body fat it might not work for you.

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The Lean Belly Breakthrough Diet

In case you are on the lookout for a way to also reduce your overall body fat then you can never go wrong with a diet plan that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates.

Yes, a diet high in protein will help you cut weight very fast. It is well known that proteins take up a lot of calories during digestion thus a meal in high in proteins will see you cut down a lot of weight.

Since they also take a lot of time to digest, Proteins will make you feel full for a long period. This ability to control your appetite is what makes it one of the best food sources for cutting a considerable amount of weight.

But not all proteins are created equally, so let’s take a look at some of the proteins that you should include in your high protein – low carb diet for some meaningful weight loss.


Although meat has always been touted as one of the most unhealthy of options you can pack in your meals, not all meat is bad. For instance if you want to experience meaningful drop in fat in your body you should go for lean meats in your high protein low carb diet. It will work perfectly for you since it contains very low-calorie quantities. Specifically, go for grass fed beef as it has a reputation for the lowest amount of calories per pound. Chicken is also not bad for you as long as you eat it without the skin that is normally notorious for its high-fat content.


Also, a key addition to your high protein low carb weight loss diet should be high-quality wild caught fish. Unlike farm bred fish, wild caught fish is not exposed to antibiotics, are not low in vital nutrients and quality omega-3-fatty acids that the body can readily absorb. When it comes to fish, it is also important to consider how you prepare them. Always bake or grill your fish instead of frying them to keep the number of calories you will end up consuming at a minimum.


You can also never go wrong with well-prepared eggs. They are not only low in Carbohydrates and high in protein but also contain very few calories as long as they are not fried. Eggs also have a way of making one feel full which will work perfectly for you if you also intend to eat much less in the course of the day. Apart from that, they will also go a long way in boosting your metabolism to ensure your body is constantly breaking down excess fat and converting it into energy.


Ensure your high protein low carb diet also has a generous serving of vegetables. Specifically, go for non-starchy vegetables like broccoli and spinach that are very low in calories. Such vegetables are also high in fiber which not only helps in bowel movements during digestion but also goes a long way in helping you feel full thus limiting overeating.

Nuts and Seeds

Although they can be high in calories, Nuts and seeds are amusingly good for your weight loss efforts. They will go a long way in helping you control your weight as they are capable of managing your appetite by making you feel full. Another interesting fact is that once they are in your system they stimulate the body to burn excess fat.

Fats and Oils

When it comes to preparing your meals the fats and oils are also very crucial. Go for coconut oil which is easily broken down into energy within a short period after consumption. And also peanut oil that is high in oleic acid which will help in reducing your appetite by a great degree.

So what are some of the side benefits that come with using a high protein-low carb diet for your weight Loss?

Watch this important video by Bruce for more information on the LBB diet.

Potential Side Benefits of Lean Belly Breakthrough

Improved Muscle Mass

Protein is a very important component for building muscle mass and so a diet high in protein will ensure that you pack high muscle mass.

Now muscle mass is very beneficial to your health in several ways. It will help you build a very high bone density in order to support your frame, eliminating the threat of osteoporosis.

Muscles also play a critical role in the storage of protein which can be consumed in times of need like disease recovery.

Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A high protein diet helps in a big way with insulin secretion which is very crucial for breaking down sugars.

This will limit chances of you developing Type 2 diabetes.

Proteins also help your body to develop insulin sensitivity while reducing insulin resistance at the same time. It also goes a long way in ensuring that there are no spikes in blood sugar levels like it is the case with carbohydrates.

Adequate consumption of proteins also ensures that your body’s energy levels are well balanced.

It Promotes Heart Health

A high protein low carb diet will also ensure that your chances of developing heart disease are greatly diminished.

For instance, bad cholesterol is eliminated to a great degree as well as triglycerides which lead to heart diseases. And the absence of bad cholesterol which normally clogs arteries will reduce your risk of heart disease.

Improves Brain Health

The amino acids found in proteins are a major building component of neurotransmitters. These transmitters are crucial for relaying messages between brain cells and so if they are healthy, the brain’s ability to coordinate bodily functions is greatly enhanced.

A generous amount of proteins in the body also helps with the generation of dopamine and serotonin which play a big role in boosting happiness. A fact that makes a diet high in proteins but low in carbs important for fighting depression.

Before You Go…

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading through the information in this Lean Belly Breakthrough review! However, the information will only be helpful if you purchase the program or apply the high protein -low carb weight loss diet. Why don’t you take that step right away and start living a healthy life?

Also, if you’ve tried the program yourself – please help others make an informed decision by using the review form below and submitting your OWN Lean Belly Breakthrough Review. Thank you!

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Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce Krahn is not REVOLUTIONARY - but it does offer some interesting diet tips that don't go overboard and are easy to follow in your daily routine. It also promotes heart and brain health; which is refreshing. I hope they expand the LBB program for younger audiences too in the future.

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